Feeding The Homeless Veterans

feeding-the-homeless-veterans-bostonDearly beloved youth,

The Annunciation Cathedral has adopted a new outreach program entitled, “Feed the Homeless Veterans,” where we provide every month financial support and volunteers to “The New England Center for Homeless Veterans”.  Volunteers from the Cathedral go to the shelter on the third Monday of each month to serve food around 4 p.m..  We would like to directly involve you with this service to the men and women who faithfully served our country.  Accordingly, we are asking both the Sunday School and the GOYA basketball teams to each pick a date where the members of each organization can go to the shelter and serve food to homeless veterans.

Please select a serving date and notify the Cathedral office regarding the date.  It can be the any third Monday during the school year.  We do ask that each organization pick separate serving dates so that the youth organizations of the Cathedral will serve for a minimum of two Mondays during the school year.

With all my prayers,

Fr. Cleopas

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