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Welcome! This year, Sunday School begins on September 25, 2016. The goal of the Sunday School is to show our children how to lead Christian lives. The Sunday School teacher supplements and reinforces the work of the priest and the parents in the Christian formation of the children of our Cathedral. Our first concern is that the child learns about our Savior, Jesus Christ. Using His teachings as our foundation, we bring the child to know and practice the Orthodox Christian faith. Each teacher in the Sunday School is not only a source of religious information to the child, but also one of the child’s primary examples of Christian behavior.




All students and teachers are expected to be in Church no later than 10:00 am at the start of the Divine Liturgy. Students, their parents, and teachers are invited to sit together up front in the center left section of pews marked for the Sunday School. Fr. Demetri will address the Sunday School students just before Holy Communion and explain some of the most essential aspects of our Orthodox Christian faith. All classes will leave to go to class after Holy Communion. Classes typically last around 45 minutes.




  • KINDERGARTEN (Age 5): The children are exposed to basic Church teachings and liturgical events and introduced to our Orthodox feast days. Singing, coloring and flannels are also done.The main book is “Happy With God”.
  • FIRST GRADE (Age 6): This grade focuses on the students expanding world from the family to church to the world in which they live. They begin to learn the Lord’s Prayer. The main book is “Me and My World”.
  • SECOND GRADE (Age 7): By exploring that they are loved by God through experiences at home and at church, the students come to realize that service to others, respect and obedience are ways we show our love for God and one another. The Lord’s Prayer is reinforced and the Ten Commandments are introduced. The main book is “Loving God”.
  • THIRD GRADE (Age 8): The students discover how Jesus has taught us to share. The experience of sharing is connected to the home through family events at church through the Divine Liturgy and in the world through acts of justice and charity. The Lord’s Prayer in Greek and English is taught and the Ten Commandments are reviewed. Main book is “Sharing God’s World”.
  • FOURTH GRADE (Age 9): The students learn how an individual grows through worship in the liturgy, prayer, fasting and through relationships in and outside the family. History of the church is discussed and bible skills are developed. The main book is “Growing With God”.
  • FIFTH GRADE (Age 10): The students will learn to respond to God through terms of personal faith and the basics of Christian morality by reading stories of the heroes of the Faith who have responded to God’s call through their examples of faith, loyalty, self-sacrifice, love, justice and social responsibility. The saints and major feastdays are also discussed as well as the parables of our Lord and how they present major teachings and basic truths for application to daily living. The main books are “God Calls Us”, “Lives of the Saints and Major Feastdays” and “Parables of Our Lord”.
  • SIXTH AND SEVENTH GRADES (Ages 11 &12A two-year program): A detailed discussion of the Divine Liturgy is done. Church history is expanded upon. An introduction to the “Creed” is begun. The main book is “The Joyful Feast”. The second year of study is on the structure of the church and church services. Prayer and how to grow in prayer is taught. The “Creed” is taught in depth. Main books are “Worship in the Orthodox Church” & “My Orthodox Prayer book”. Some of the teenage curriculum from the archdiocese is also used during this class.
  • EIGHTH AND NINTH GRADES (Ages 13 &14—A two-year program): Our relationship to God, to others and to ourselves is discussed. The focus is on the moral and spiritual lives of the students through the discussion of contemporary issues. History of the Church is done as a review. The main books are “Moral and Contemporary Issues” and “Rejoicing in One Lord, Jesus Christ”. Some of the teenage curriculum from the archdiocese is also used during this class. The second year of study is devoted to each of the “Ten Commandments” and “The Sacraments” in detail. The “Creed” is reviewed and church history is reviewed. The Main books are “Sacraments of the Orthodox Church” and “The Teenage Ten Commandments”.
  • TENTH/ELEVENTH/TWELFTH GRADES (Ages 15-17—A three-year program): This class alternates between discussion of moral and contemporary issues and how church doctrine deals with these issues and the origins of the Orthodox Church and the differences and similarities with other faiths. Main books include “Contemporary Issues”, “455 Questions on Faith” and “The Orthodox Church”. The 12th grade seniors are assigned to be an assistant in one of the Sunday School classes and volunteer for a charitable event such as the “Toys For Tots” or the “Walk For Hunger”.




Our main mission in the Sunday School is to help the children to know their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are all called to live our life in Christ with the understanding that Orthodoxy (right belief) goes hand in hand with Orthopraxis (right action). We offer a variety of community projects in which our students and their families can participate .

  • HELLENIC NURSING HOME: In February, our Sunday School children make a trip to the Hellenic Nursing Home in Canton, MA to spend time with the residents and offer Valentine's Day Cards as an expression of their Christian love.
  • HELLENIC CARDIAC FUND FOR CHILDREN: A favorite of the Sunday School this fundraiser donates all of the proceeds gathered to the Hellenic Cardiac Fund at Children’s Hospital in Boston. The fund helps children from Greece who are in need of surgery or other hospital care.
  • ORTHODOX MISSIONS: A collection is taken each year to help our spread the word of Orthodoxy in the world. Past donations have helped build churches in various countries including Africa.
  • SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Graduating students are encouraged to apply for one of our scholarships such as the Philoptochos Scholarship and Manley Scholarship.


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