Veterans Ministry



The Cathedral Veterans Program seeks to recognize and keep alive the memory of the 840 Cathedral veterans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces from WWI to the present.





  • World War I: 66
  • World War II: 525
  • Korea: 76
  • Vietnam: 26
  • Iraq: 4
  • Peacetime: 131
  • Incomplete Info: 12

Service Totals

  • Army: 495
  • Navy: 149
  • Air Force: 118
  • Marines: 36
  • Coast Guard: 16
  • Merchant Marine: 10
  • National Guard: 4
  • Incomplete: 12




The Cathedral Veterans Program began in 2005 with a letter from Archbishop Demetrios encouraging all Greek churches to sponsor a U.S. Military Veterans Program. In starting the program, Dr. Christopher G. Gussis, Chris Dracopoulos and Harry Triantos met with Watertown’s Taxiarchae Church Veterans Group headed by Dianne Proctor, Ann Marie Allsion and Bob Erickson, Watertown’s Veterans Agent, who had formed their veterans program.

From information provided by the Taxiarchae Church Veterans Group, the Cathedral Veterans Program was organized. Since its inception in 2005, sixteen veterans programs were held to honor their veterans. Program highlights included a memorial service for the deceased veterans, a wreath presentation, a descriptive flag folding, “Taps,” patriotic musical selections by the Cathedral choir, a memorabilia display of all wars, photos of living and deceased veterans and tributes to the many sacrifices and heroic bravery by the Cathedral veterans in defense of our freedom.

Participating in the service were flag bearers and a color guard from the USS Constitution and Fort Devens, the George K. Menichios Post 324 American Legion, branches of the Armed Forces and Evzones from the Hellenic American Societies of New England.

To keep their memory alive, 3 plaques and an Album were made indicating the photos and service information of each veteran. Included are special features of the 27 Killed in Action, 63 Purple Hearts 3 POW’s and 1 MIA. Programs are currently held every Memorial and Veterans Day.





  • Dr. Christopher G. Gussis, Chair
  • Damon Bakos
  • Chet Block +
  • Nicholas Chigaris +
  • John C. Dimitrakis +
  • Chris Dracopoulos
  • George H. Gennis, Esq. +
  • Charles Georgenes
  • Harris P. Jameson +
  • Christos Kotros +
  • George Kotros
  • James P. Lemonias
  • Alex Mavradis
  • Arthur Papas
  • Paul Stamatos +
  • Harry Triantos +
  • Theodore P. Vallas +
  • John C. Yanakis
  • Nicholas J. Zevitas

Sub Committee

  • John Booras
  • Georgia Haramis
  • Ann Jeas
  • Evelyn Nearhos
  • Irene Cockinos
  • Mary Hatsis
  • Helen Johnson
  • Mary Protopappas
  • Ellen Marie Demeter
  • Julie Geannakakis
  • Poppy Koshivos
  • Bassie Samiotes
  • Asemena T. Dodge
  • Kay Jarvis
  • Mary Mellen
  • Dr. James Toyias

(+) indicates deceased member


Veterans Ministry Resources



Download a short description of our Veterans Program and let your family and friends know about this important ministry of our Cathedral.

Veterans Program Infiormation



Each month the Cathedral offers assistance at the local Homeless Veterans Shelter. The next service day at the shelter is on Monday, September 21, 2015 at 4:15 pm. Volunteers are welcome. Donations are needed for the expense of the meal.



Each year we have a variety of events planned for our Veterans Ministry. Click on the link below for a calendar of this year's events so you can plan your schedule for the coming year.